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AGA INTELLIGENT, presents in SECURITY ESSEN, a UNIQUE security system called VEHOO

The work of several years of research and development together with different research centers has resulted in a product that, in addition to increasing security at home, allows the user […]


AGA WORKS FOR HIGH SECURITY INDUSTRY. The debate about all-round security is wide open.

The debate about all-round security is open and AGA is getting prepared to solve the new needs that will possibly arise in this area. All organizations in all sectors, both […]


Safety and Functionality, two key aspects of the products and services which AGA will present in FERROFORMA 2017

One year more and it’s our 35th ,AGA is approaching the FERROFORMA fair with an innovative attitude, presenting on the one hand a quality product and on the other hand a […]

INTERNATIONAL FORUM ABOUT MUNICIPAL WASTE MANAGEMENT. AGA, setting a trend in the field of sustainability

A company leader in its sector joining forces, experience, knowledge and passion with another like DORLET, to develop innovative solutions in order to improve the management, selection and collection of […]

At SICUR we have certified our leadership in the design and manufacture of the safety locks

In SICUR we have been able to certify that the value of future is in the bet we have done for the development and manufacture of the most advanced systems […]


We are experts in opening and closing solutions and also in integrating mechanics and electronics in those products that are intended to ensure maximum safety and protection. This approach requires […]