Merry Christmas!

Behind the effort made during this year, is the staff of AGA. Also behind the greeting that we send you. Merry Christmas!


Quality has always been a key factor in AGA´s strive for excellence.

The process of renovation and validation of the quality system, with the adaption to the new normative, implies both a technical and professional effort which has been recognised, as this […]


Our presence at the annual assembly organised by ESSA, in Germany.

Representatives from AGA attended on the 14th and 15th of this past november, the annual assembly organised by ESSA, International Physical Security Association, with 127 members from 37 different countries, […]


Our clients corner. Interview with Juan García, CEO of DISMACE.

How would you describe the current relationship between AGA and DISMACE? The relationship is fluid and one of collaboration: as there is a representative in the area (Barcelona), the different […]


VEHOO, the intelligent lock created for a new era of control and home access.

The result of the diligent work carried out by AGAINTELLIGENT has borne its fruit in the security mechanism, called VEHOO. The culmination  of work hand in hand with different centres […]


Launched, AGAINTELLIGENT, a brand in response to the changes in the paradigm of how security is perceived.

In a sector such as security, with prominent players, AGA which has always been to the forefront in the industry has steered its business towards the B2B. However, now, at […]

cerrojo inteligente

AGA INTELLIGENT, presents in SECURITY ESSEN, a UNIQUE security system called VEHOO

The work of several years of research and development together with different research centers has resulted in a product that, in addition to increasing security at home, allows the user […]

Teamwork, even at the corporate challenge

Like other years , the corporate race organised in Donosti-san Sebastian, which is in its XI edition, was a great success as was the team from AGA which competed in […]

A new incorporation in the internationalisation area

Eider Muruamendiaraz is the new addition to the internationalisation area, a professional with experience and commercial knowledge, who is here to enhance the relationships between clients and suppliers. When asked […]

Our representative’s corner: Interview with Pablo Merelo

Representaciones MERELO is an intrinsic part of AGA’s history. Our presence in the market place is in great deal due to the effort of companies like theirs. How would you […]

ESSEN, the gateway to internet security.

AGA, will be at  ESSEN Security to launch the result of over three years of intense work in collaboration with different centres of investigation. Society’s evolution towards digital technology and […]


TECMA, the town planning and environment fair shows the latest innovations in IFEMA

AGA reaffirms itself at this fair, as a company committed to the improvement of the quality of city life. AGA in collaboration with DORLET, both companies at the forefront in […]