2018 it’s changes year without any doubt. Also regarding to the participation and difficult world of personal relations between company’s different professionals. We’ve started with this challenge thanking to […]


THE INTELLIGENT LOCK, AN EFFECTIVE AND SURPRISING SOLUTION THAT IS ALREADY HERE. Josu López is the new incorporation in R&D. Among his hobbies, the cinema and the videogames, it could not […]


A COMMERCIAL CONVENTION WHOSE PROTAGONIST HAS BEEN THE HUMAN FACTOR. The commercial convention of 2018 opens a new stage in AGA. Not only because the economic and professional targets have […]



WE’RE PRESENT WHERE THE SECURITY IS A KEY ELEMENT OF BUSINESS. The place where the security and the companies come together is SICUR. Besides the opportunity of sharing time and […]

OTHER NEWS OF INTEREST. Evolving towards process management to improve quality and service to our clients

The new ISO 9001: 2015 standard brings very important changes, although the most prominent one is the incorporation of the risk-based approach in the Quality Management Systems. It is a […]

AGA WORKS FOR THE PROFESSIONALS OF THE DISTRIBUTION. Experience and knowledge of the sector by José Ramón García

– How do you feel about AGA today compared to the company you knew in your debut? It has experienced significant changes, but always maintaining its initial values. Many changes […]

AGA WORKS FOR THE GENERAL INDUSTRY. Introduction of the new AGA cylinders into the SAFE-O-MAT® coin locks

Greater security in locker rooms thanks to the incorporation of the new cylinders in the SAFE-O-MAT® coin locks The new twin-coin SAFE-O-MAT® locks, with insertion of coins, offer users like […]

AGA WORKS FOR HIGH SECURITY INDUSTRY. The debate about all-round security is wide open.

The debate about all-round security is open and AGA is getting prepared to solve the new needs that will possibly arise in this area. All organizations in all sectors, both […]


Safety and Functionality, two key aspects of the products and services which AGA will present in FERROFORMA 2017

One year more and it’s our 35th ,AGA is approaching the FERROFORMA fair with an innovative attitude, presenting on the one hand a quality product and on the other hand a […]

AGA faces the new stage of industrial digitization and the ‘Internet of Things’, with the design and publication of a new website

AGA and the market confirms it, is the Locksmith Industry; for that reason, our enterprise consolidates day by day, its position as leader in the ‘locking and unlocking’ mechanic systems. […]

INTERNATIONAL FORUM ABOUT MUNICIPAL WASTE MANAGEMENT. AGA, setting a trend in the field of sustainability

A company leader in its sector joining forces, experience, knowledge and passion with another like DORLET, to develop innovative solutions in order to improve the management, selection and collection of […]

Commercial Convention 2017. Working as a team to surpass new goals

The people who form a commercial network in AGA, have the responsability to look to the future. A year has gone by and in the review and evaluation of what […]