At SICUR we have certified our leadership in the design and manufacture of the safety locks

In SICUR we have been able to certify that the value of future is in the bet we have done for the development and manufacture of the most advanced systems […]

2016 Business Convention

On January the 21rst AGA celebrated its annual event where representatives of the brand in the Spanish market get together. The purpose of this meeting is to analyze the actions […]

The ‘Unlikely Connections’ project enters its final phase

It was 2013 and we had a challenge. We were in a process of organizational change that would affect the management of emotions and customer orientation with a clear objective: […]

Advances in energy transformation industry

A few years ago we defined the development and growth of our business in an area as critical as the transformation of energy, as one of our strategic priorities. The […]


We are experts in opening and closing solutions and also in integrating mechanics and electronics in those products that are intended to ensure maximum safety and protection. This approach requires […]

See you at SICUR 2016

Still in 2015 and in AGA we are already preparing our proposal for the stand in SICUR 2016, the great international benchmark for comprehensive security in Spain, which will hold […]

AGA strengthens its international image with a booth at Expo Ferretera, Mexico

ExpoFerretera is a fair that, after 27 years, has become the most important in Latin America and the second worldwide. As the numbers show, there’s 1,300 exhibitors in this fair; […]

Article on AGA in charge of Economics and Business

Economy & Business supplement of the newspaper “Cinco Dias” published in it’s”Premium Business” section, and dated July 27, 2015, an extensive article on AGA. The responsible for the company explained […]

Interview with our manager Txema Elizaran

The Basque Paper El Diario Vasco, published an interview with our manager Txema Elizaran on the 19th July 2015, within its Sunday section “Enterpreneurs”. The manager of AGA, explains in […]

Our security has been increased with the VDS certificate renewal

AGA has been in the meeting organized in Seville by AES (Spanish Security Association) as a member of the association and as member of the Technical Committee (CTN 108). With […]

To the international market by the hand of BOSCH

Bosch Rexroth, a subsidiary of the multinational BOSCH, has signed a contract with AGA for the next five years. In which a model of special lock for a product with […]

Ormazabal remains confident in AGA

The approval by ORMAZABAL, a leader and a world reference in the electricity sector. Represents a real push to keep working and developing the most advanced solutions in providing switching […]