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Running in the rain

It is about a new race between companies, between teams which this time are not evaluated on their capacity of production or profitability, but for their want for fun. We […]

MOLOK, a worldwide reference in waste management, confides in the assembly of AGA’s locks in the installation of its containers

Nearly 30 years on, Molok has become an international company whose products are recognised worldwide. Its appearance on the Spanish market, comes with the backing of AGA, which after initial […]

VEHOO, the security system which opens the door to a more secure and intelligent connection between the user and their home

SECURITY ESSEN was the first grand fair where the brand VEHOO was first seen by  the professionals in the sector; a presentation accompanied by a product still under development and […]

VEHOO, the innovative security system of AGA INTELLIGENT is going to be launched in INDUSTRY TOOLS by FERROFORMA

The aim of AGA INTELLIGENT would be to turn the locking and unlocking systems into intelligent systems that provide the connection between the user, their own home or workplace. We have worked […]