AGA INTELLIGENT, presents in SECURITY ESSEN, a UNIQUE security system called VEHOO

cerrojo inteligente

The work of several years of research and development together with different research centers has resulted in a product that, in addition to increasing security at home, allows the user of this device to control and manage it locally or remotely through a platform Web.

VEHOO provides an extra level of security as it combines in the same device an additional invisible closure, impossible to manipulate from the outside, and a sensor that detects and deters the potential intruder when acting on the door, automatically notifying the owner.

From now on the ideal solution in security and access control for housing has a name, VEHOO. A device developed and manufactured by a company, AGA, leader in the sector with more than 50 years of experience in the protection of people and material goods.

Connect with the technology and innovation of AGA INTELLIGENT and open the door to a new era in control and access to housing.

If you want to learn about the advantages of this new device, stop by our stand, we will be delighted to assist you.