Josu López is the new incorporation in R&D. Among his hobbies, the cinema and the videogames, it could not be otherwise! With a degree in Computer Engineering and a Master in Embedded Systems, comes to reinforce our activity in the design and development of new systems for opening and closing, especially in those where digitization and the internet of things, is becoming a key and differentiating element to offer our customers the most advanced locksmith solutions. As Josu says my task is to provide intelligence to all electronic devices, also why not, to the locks manufactured by AGA.

Did you know AGA before your incorporation, what did you relate it to?

It’s true that before starting working in AGA I only knew it by someone and I related the brand with the locks. I knew nothing about the company, the only reference I had was the image of the building with the logo on the façade. After a while here I’ve realized what behind this trade was, there’s especially a team very involved in security field.

What is your responsability in the company?

I have come to lead the new business unit that was created in AGA. A unit focused on the intelligent lock, on electronics and new ideas that may appear. Personally, it’s a great opportunity to innovate and create. And that’s what we’re working on, in such way that in a short time we can launch to the market solutions that will surprise for their advantages and benefits, especially for the end user.

How do you see the present and future of the locksmith industry and the security industry?

In AGA we manufacture a great quantity of mechanical locks, but electronics is increasingly reaching market share. The road is drawn, leads us to more and better solutions in this area. But in my opinion, the different systems, mechanic and electronic, they will coexist due to the importance and characteristics of each of them in the development of high security products. However, the internet can contribute a lot in this area. It is a very broad world; as the encryption and decryption of key security. In this new age in which we are moving forward, the paradigm on how to open a door, how to change a lock, is changing. And it is true that today these advances are being received very well in the market.