Our clients corner. Interview with Juan García, CEO of DISMACE.


How would you describe the current relationship between AGA and DISMACE?

The relationship is fluid and one of collaboration: as there is a representative in the area (Barcelona), the different issues which arise day-to-day and which are not the norm can be dealt with swiftly and with ease.

Which characteristics would you highlight as being distinctive and unique to our company?

AGA is the  brand of reference in the industrial locksmith sector, but I would also highlight the fact that together we successfully develop numerous for the residential sector.

Do you see it as an asset that AGA is also a manufacturer?

Obviously, as we detect opportunities or openings in the indoor lock market, to have at hand a company with AGA´s capacity in design and production of new or modified articles is an additional asset compared to companies whose primary commercialisation is Asiatic products.

How do you feel about the evolution of a sector which is advancing slowly towards the world of digitalisation?

The expression should focus little by little. The tendency is clear, the speed is what varies depending who you ask. The leading brands have had for sometime, control of access and opening systems which do not use the classic metallic key. In the hotel sector and in corporate buildings they have been useful. In certain applications (management of touristic apartments, control of car parks, etc…) too. However, in the residential sector advances are slower. In my opinion we have to wait until the systems become easier to implement in order to recommend ourselves with one.