Our presence at the annual assembly organised by ESSA, in Germany.


Representatives from AGA attended on the 14th and 15th of this past november, the annual assembly organised by ESSA, International Physical Security Association, with 127 members from 37 different countries, whose base is Frankfurt, Germany.

In essence an  international network, crossing sectors which unites different representatives in the industry of security such as manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, etc…

We can confidently say the workshops we took part in, along with the most important representatives in the security field worldwide are a great encounter between kindred companies where information and knowledge is shared in an ever evolving sector, fundamental to redefine our business strategy for the coming years.

This year, the organisation set its sights on the future. The debate within the  industry of security has raised many interesting challenges related to digitalisation and the internet, an area which is not by any means new for AGA and one we see as a great opportunity.