Inaugurated a new Showroom. A space created to experience AGA´s future

If we cast our minds back we see 55 years of work in the locksmith industry. We can also see how we have overcome the obstacles which time and the […]

AGA broadens and improves its offers of Cylinder locks incorporating new European and Swiss model profiles

The cylinders and locks of AGA are one of the products the brand is identified with. A product which continues to reach the market with quality and value recognised by […]

AGA, a key player in security in the energy sector

AGA is part of a group of 150 companies and entities active in the field of energy. The energy cluster integrates the main companies in the value chain of the […]

Client’s corner: Interview with Andoni Ranz, head of purchasing at ORMAZABAL.

Ormazabal is a world renowned, prestigious company. A strategic supplier for the main electric companies. Its over 100 years of history and the presence of production facilities in the five […]

Security, the key word in the national emergency

For AGA, security is not merely a quality, a pivotal characteristic in our locking and unlocking security systems. Nor a concept referring to the sector in which we work. After a long trajectory, […]

VEHOO, intelligence and technology working for security

The words that best define AGA INTELLIGENT’s new product are: intelligence, technology and security .It is an innovative system for control and management of access, designed and developed under the […]

Client’s corner. Interview with Victor Ocariz manager of SUFERSA.

SUFERSA is a company which has maintained its business spirit since it was founded 52 years ago. Its ability to evolve and adapt to new times is reflected in the […]

Activities to reinforce confidence among all the workers in the company

There is no better way to face the challenges 2020 brings than to do so with confidence in whoever guides you along the path full of uncertainties, but also great […]

Schneider Electric, world leader in systems of supply and electric networks, has ratified its agreement of collaboration with AGA

AGA continues to work under parametres of quality and service required by the largest companies in the sector, thanks to that, companies as important as Schneider, choose time and again […]

Merry Christmas!

Continue working together to build the future, that is our wish for the new year.

Improving our online presence. New catalogue for the high security sector.

As you can see, we are adding all the rest of the catalogue of products to the web, a process which we began with the solutions for the industry of […]

Our client’s corner. Interview with Jordi Sauri, managing director of Serralleria Suari, in Barcelona.

Over 40 years distinguish the trajectory of this family business, situated in Barcelona, which with great effort, keep alive a trade whose objective is to help us protect our property.As […]