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AGA offers and guarantees a safer system for garage doors

We chat with Angel Maiña, founder together with his Mikel brother of the family company, MAIÑA ANAIAK, about the peculiarities of a company, which like all others transforms, but retains […]

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In AGA we have an objective, to progress and improve our business, so our clients can expand theirs

We believe in professional relationships which prioritise naturalness, frankness, sincerity, spontaneity and clarity. This has been and is our goal for the last nearly 60 years. The path has been […]


Parking metres. A place where AGA´s high security systems can be found

AGA’s products have numerous uses. Our locking systems work for the protection of physical goods as well as personal. Showing this allows us to understand the meaning of what we […]


AGA launches the new tariff 2022

Throughout 2021, raw materials have suffered an increase which has affected the cost of production of our different products. An increase which, as a policy of loyalty and commitment to […]