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AGA launches its new impact rim locks

AGA has extended its range of new impact rim locks More variety for the more demanding professional. This new product is valid for both cabinets and drawers and masterkeys, key […]


Client ‘s corner. Interview with Mitxelko Ugalde, executive director of BAUSSA.

There is always a story behind every company, and BAUSSA’s deserves to be told.Without going into much detail on the subject, we can tell you, that the today’s reference at […]


VEHOO, the intelligent lock from AGAINTELLIGENT, NOW ON SALE !

VEHOO is the tip of the iceberg in a strategy based on not only innovation, but also the experience and the knowledge of a company , which is today a […]

Connectivity and intelligent security led by AGA INTELLIGENT

Our attitude when faced with change has always been the same, to move forward using innovative solutions to answer our clients needs. And always with a firm and steady step […]