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Client’s corner: Interview with Andoni Ranz, head of purchasing at ORMAZABAL.

Ormazabal is a world renowned, prestigious company. A strategic supplier for the main electric companies. Its over 100 years of history and the presence of production facilities in the five […]

Security, the key word in the national emergency

For AGA, security is not merely a quality, a pivotal characteristic in our locking and unlocking security systems. Nor a concept referring to the sector in which we work. After a long trajectory, […]

VEHOO, intelligence and technology working for security

The words that best define AGA INTELLIGENT’s new product are: intelligence, technology and security .It is an innovative system for control and management of access, designed and developed under the […]

Client’s corner. Interview with Victor Ocariz manager of SUFERSA.

SUFERSA is a company which has maintained its business spirit since it was founded 52 years ago. Its ability to evolve and adapt to new times is reflected in the […]