Products and services focused on the domestic and international customer

Nowadays we like to say that our products and security systems not only carry our brand. On this trip we hand other large companies. This way when we participate in any national or international fair and we take a look at the news on our web-site, we will see that the name of brands such as Schneider, Ormazabal, Boch, Insys, etc … appear on the walls of our booth and plus they accompany us in written newsletters or news on our website.

Well-known companies seek partners to jointly design and develop innovative solutions; they look for teams that can be integrated into the manufacturing processes of new products and that are experts and specialists in locks as we are. That need and business opportunity requires us to be present in different countries and markets.

Today we are focusing especially on Europe; in fairs like SICUR in Spain, or ESSEN (specialists in security solutions) in Germany. America and particularly Mexico, with Expoferretera fair, is also part of our business objectives.

As for the product and service, the four business areas, Security Industry, General Industry, Energy Transformation and Distribution, condition the offer: Locking systems, High security locks, Locks for manoeuvres, and cylinders and locks.

A catalogue that is complemented by a large variety of security systems under request and personalized for customers that require our experience and compromise in the search for increasingly efficient and innovative proposals.

  • Ormazabal
  • Orona
  • Schneider Electric
  • BOSCH invested for life
  • INSYS Locks