AGA attends the General Assembly of AES in Madrid


AGA, as a member of AES, was present at General Assembly which took place in the Wanda Metropolitan in Madrid. In front of nearly 70 associates, the Board of Directors of the Association presented the management report for 2018, detailing the activities which took place,
among which were, the participation in SICUR, the organisation of the General Assembly of EUROFASE, the co-organisation of the General Assembly of GPMSE, the French association parallel to AES in our country, the presentation of the Manifesto from 2016 to 2019 to political authorities, the editing of allegations to the draft of the regulation, the celebration of the XIII meeting between public security and private security, and the participation in the General Assembly of EURALARM in Bucharest.

Our presence at the last General Assembly, had as its objective, among others, contact and relations with companies in the sector, the debate about the future of physical security with cybersecurity and the critical infrastructures as central topics, and the latest information on the policies which will condition the development and manufacturing of our products.

We are present where security is part of the strategic discussions which involve the professionals who are most interested and concerned about this issue. For AGA, security is not only a quality, or a characteristic of our opening and closing systems; after a long trajectory of over 55 years, during which there has been ample time to study and analyse its significance, we can confirm security is now an element which forms part of our DNA.