Client’s corner: Interview with Andoni Ranz, head of purchasing at ORMAZABAL.

Ormazabal is a world renowned, prestigious company. A strategic supplier for the main electric companies. Its over 100 years of history and the presence of production facilities in the five continents, are some of its distinguishing traits.

We want to get to know Ormazabal in depth. What would you say is its central value, the characteristics which best define its business model ?

We are a company which specializes in the electric sector aimed at innovation and sustainability. We supply reliable solutions on a global scale, thanks to our capacity to anticipate the needs of the sector and our commitment and implication to our clients, suppliers, employees and society in general.

These are difficult times for companies. How is Ormazabal addressing this crisis, from the human and corporate point of view ?

Guaranteeing the security of all the employees in our company, equipping them with the highest quality security systems( teleworking, temperature control, face masks, social distancing, cleanliness, PPEs..)and as an essential sector, providing uninterrupted service in these moments plagued with moral and work-related difficulties.

It’s time for collaboration and  transparency. How would you describe your relationship with AGA ?

Close, tight we have been collaborating for over 20 years in different markets and solutions. I have fond memories of the beginnings in POLSA for electrical cabinets for BT.

Today concepts like closeness and capacity of production acquire a special significance.  Do you consider it especially valuable that AGA is a manufacturer ?

Undoubtedly, being able to count on the knowledge of a local manufacturer is essential for our business and development.

From the perspective of a leader like Ormazabal, How do you see the evolution in the electric sector ?

We are in the midst of a worldwide smart energy revolution, our main clients are not able to predict what is going to happen in 3 years, nor the new roles of the companies in the new electric smart grid. The future is full of challenges and opportunities !