Client’s corner. Interview with Victor Ocariz manager of SUFERSA.

SUFERSA is a company which has maintained its business spirit since it was founded 52 years ago. Its ability to evolve and adapt to new times is reflected in the numerous expansions, covering more than 1,800m2, and the automation of all the process for a better and more optimum client service.

The over 12,000 references in stock and a 97% service of lines instantly, are an example of the present capacity of a company which keeps its products for restocking locksmiths as a fundamental key in its business.

How would you describe the current relationship between SUFERSA and AGA?
The relationship with AGA is close,easy. You can talk clearly and directly with all members of the company, from management down to the last employee. This speeds up the negotiations, reducing time and cost, which benefits all. The close collaboration between the companies allows us to be optimistic about the future.

Which characteristics of the product or service AGA offers would you highlight?
Personally, I appreciate the capacity they have to listen, their versatility.They provide a very efficient customer service and I’d highlight their personal treatment. Also, the professionalism to handle the challenges and issues which we bring to the table. They are able to develop a great variety of solutions to solve a specific need. The knowledge they have in locksmith material is indisputable, it’s a know-how that is not learnt in the classroom.

Do you see it as an asset the fact that AGA is a manufacturer?
Yes, and its more than 55 years experience working in this sector is another feature which makes a difference . This evolution over time has allowed it to approach the client, talk to them, know the market in depth, adapt to changes, look for new business opportunities to afterwards develop new products with increased value. I see in AGA a company which is leader in certain niches in the market , allowing it to earn and invest and in turn to continue to be competitive.

How do you see the evolution of the locksmith sector?
The polarisation some years ago, where territorial companies were at the forefront, has led to three main groups dominating the market . The presence of specialists like AGA, “problem solver” as I like to call it, is always good news. A company, which like the sector’s evolution, is incorporating electronics in its locking and unlocking systems, in addition to ¨ IoT¨ digital technology for some of its more advanced systems. A change which will prevail,but slowly over time, as mechanics still continue to be prominent.