Security, the key word in the national emergency

For AGA, security is not merely a quality, a pivotal characteristic in our locking and unlocking security systems. Nor a concept referring to the sector in which we work. After a long trajectory, in which we have had ample time to study and analyse its composition, we can affirm that it now is an element which forms part of our DNA.

Today, words like lockdown, alarm, pandemic…, are part of our daily vocabulary. We have included them in our conversations, both on a personal, and a professional level, and it is in the latter where their repercussions have defined our agenda. But there is more, a wording like security, takes priority in our lives. Security understood not only in the area of health, but also in which advocates for the physical protection of people and their material goods, is where AGA has been working for over 55 years. We fully understand the significance and the extent of the present moment.

A special and difficult moment, full of a vocabulary whose significance until recently, was so vague and distant, that we did not understand its true scope and magnitude. A surprising and disturbing time which still has us unsure, in a continuous state of debate and controversy, where the figures and the daily data appear to be the only tool capable of showing us the pathway to the horizon which we need to head towards.

“ We wish to send a message of encouragement and triumph. We look to the future with the same determination we have acted with throughout all these years.”

In AGA we are aware of the present circumstances, which is why we wish to send a message of encouragement and triumph. We look to the future with the same determination we have acted with throughout all these years, overcoming the difficulties with the support and effort of all the people who have before and now have made this project possible.

For that reason, we have continued to work, despite the inconveniences, without letting our guard down, respecting the security protocols, because we owe it to all who time and again trust in us, making us participants in their projects, their successes, their future.

“ We manufacture security systems for companies whose activity is indispensable for the supply of electric power.”

From the outset, as a supplier of a sector such as the transformation of energy, we have concentrated all our efforts in the supply of security systems for companies whose activity is key for the normal functioning of electric power in critical infrastructures, today more necessary than ever before. We are aware of the difficulty and the risk which we are subjected to, but in our favour is the goal and the willingness of all the human team who accompany us, enough to face the challenge which working in such special circumstances poses.

Looking back and seeing from the not so distant past, all which has occurred, we have only words of gratitude, for clients and suppliers who have managed the circumstances with the utmost cordiality and friendship, understanding the national  emergency, reiterating that relationships are built on professional abilities and on human capacity.