AGA, a key player in security in the energy sector

AGA is part of a group of 150 companies and entities active in the field of energy. The energy cluster integrates the main companies in the value chain of the energy sector present in the Basque Country (energy operators, manufacturers of equipment and components, engineers and service companies ), agents from the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation and public administration bodies, responsible for the energy

Over recent years, AGA has developed an extensive range of products (systems and interlocking solutions), geared towards the energy transformation sector. Solutions aimed at the field of security, where the devices developed, when applied to two or more mobile parts prevent or allow the movement of one when the others are in a predetermined position. It is designed to create a protocol of security, adaptable to the clients requirements, which guarantees the complete protection of the
professionals, in their daily work.

We are talking about solutions created ad hoc in collaboration with the suppliers of the equipment and the electrical systems´technical departments, which require a high standard of personalization.

This objective of this process, developed hand in hand with the client, is to design a system of manoeuvers allowing, thanks to different elements, the creation of a solution of locking and unlocking, simplifying its application and use, without jeopardizing its stringent security.

This model of work and relationship with the technical departments of our clients, has enabled us to improve and advance not only in our service and ability to respond to new challenges the market presents,but also the management and planning of the production processes of the company. The level of commitment and the required transparency in the design procedures and the manufacturing of these type of solutions for the energy sector, has allowed us project onto the market a consolidated image as a
global supplier of solutions for physical security.

The infrastructure in the field of energy has new challenges and needs ahead requiring solutions which are increasingly more complex in the
design, the finish and the quality and durability of the materials.

Products and personalized systems, adapted to new work spaces and environments, prepared to function in adverse settings, in many cases in
extreme conditions.Solutions that AGA is successfully addressing in the different projects in which it participates.