The management of urban waste; from social concern to business challenge

The management of urban waste,its correct and optimum management is a problem which increasingly concerns society and the different
administrations. AGA confronts the growing sensibility regarding this subject-matter with the development of a closing system which controls access to the containers, allows the user’s data to be collected and programs the days of use with the objective of improving the quality and quantity of waste collection.

A solution which combines in the same device , a robust, state of the art system, efficient and very versatile which by means of a personal card allows the opening and control of use.

The drive in this new activity,with an important implication in the Basque Country, and AGA’s leadership in the Spanish market, means, today those responsible for the management of urban waste, have shown an interest in our solution in this area.

Catalonia is a clear example, and a place where AGA has accomplished the first major installment of our system, in close association with the Consorci Del Bages in the city of Manresa.

At present Catalonia leads, at state level the debate that is generated in the area of optimising the management of waste collection worldwide and in this context we can anticipate that we shall attend as exhibitors on the 6th,7th and 8th of March, the Wasteinprogress Fair in Gerona. It is the International Forum of Management of Waste and AGA along with DORLET will be there to present their solution in the area of selective collection.