VEHOO, intelligence and technology working for security

The words that best define AGA INTELLIGENT’s new product are: intelligence, technology and security .It is an innovative system for control and management of access, designed and developed under the concept ¨IoT¨, the internet of things.

We are referring to a device which provides additional home security as it combines in one apparatus an extra invisible lock, impossible to manipulate from the outside, and different sensors which keep the user informed about the movements of entrance and exit, alerting them in the case of any incident with alarm warnings or notifications.

The development of an intelligent device such as VEHOO, with exclusive services to improve the protection of one’s home, is here to change our understanding of security and its benefits. It’s the launching point of a strategy based on not only the innovation, but also the experience and the knowledge of a company which is prominent in its sector and in the Spanish market.

To equip with control and management an innovative system such as VEHOO, has required us to invest time and resources in the development of new mechanisms and digital platforms, but we have also had to do so in the area of design. A fundamental aspect in order to offer a product which is compact and durable, attractive and elegant in shape, and with dimensions which enable the end customer its installation and manipulation.

VEHOO opens the door to a new range of products aimed towards security solutions for living spaces, where digital technology and mobile devices have a predominant role. It involves converting the locking and unlocking systems, in intelligent systems which allow the connection between the user and their home, locally or remotely, and above all in high security solutions for a digital world which is increasingly connected.

This is the objective,to guarantee security and tranquility and we can accomplish it as backing this project is an important team of professionals who added to their experience in electromechanical technology is their expert knowledge in communication and internet protocol.

VEHOO is the solution which brings the future closer to the present, an opportunity to enter into the world of connectivity and intelligent security with a company with over 55 years experience in the manufacturing of locking and unlocking systems.

AGA INTELLIGENT will be at SICUR presenting VEHOO to the professionals of the sector, at the STAND 4B42 in PAVILION 4